There is hope! This is “Boeta” or Clarence

There is hope! This is “Boeta” or Clarence…

On my way to Gordon’s Bay this morning I passed through Sir Lowry’s Pass village. Driving slowly I noticed this little figure hard at work cleaning the road-side gutters. I was so impressed that I stopped and asked everyone nearby why he was doing it and if someone had told him to do so. The answers were that he does that kind of thing, no-one told him to do it. I said he should be made mayor of the village and they all said that he should someday. I shook his hand, told him what a great job he was doing and that he was setting a wonderful example. Please share this post to encourage other children to take initiative and to set such a wonderful example!

Ps – Unbelievably wonderful things have happened since this post! Boeta has gone viral! Almost 3000 shares and 2000 likes and it has gone international. Please join the “Boeta’s Buddies” group on facebook to be part of all the wonderful plans for him and his community (Sir Lowry’s Pass Village) As a group we collectively want to uplift and sustain Boeta by giving him the tools and means to have a wonderful future – A day in his honour is being planned, many charities have come on board and great things are in the pipeline – all because of Boeta!!! Thereafter we wish to do the same for his entire community and hopefully it spreads throughout South Africa -So if you wish to get on this wonderful wave of inspiration and hope … PLEASE join “Boeta’s Buddies” group – the organisers are Nino Messina & Mandy Elizabeth Taylor – Contact them (Inbox) with all your ideas and contributions – Lets make Boeta the symbol for change in our great country!!!

[Source : Hayley Fensham FB Post]

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